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Flipchart & Writing Board | Interactive Whiteboard Singapore

Do you need whiteboards for interactive sessions, active brainstorming and classroom discussions? Do not look any further, for we are one of the best whiteboard suppliers in Singapore. Cost-effective and motivational interactive whiteboard Singapore, our whiteboards are the best source of interaction and participation.

Flipchart and Chalkboard Supplier in Singapore

We at Gaviton Events are the premier suppliers for visual aids such as glass writing boards, magnetic whiteboards,interactive whiteboard, flipcharts and easel boards, chalkboards and markers. These supplies are used by presenters and trainers to combine words and images together to put across messages cohesively. Tools such as these are necessary to make efficient presentations, and also make the speaker appear interesting as well as credible. This enables audience members to easily focus on the points being addressed, and also understand the argument of the presenter more efficiently. Chalkboards are commonly used in businesses, owing to their reusable writing surfaces, and the contemporary versions come in green, since this colour is considered easier for reading. Similar to other types of dry boards, flipcharts tend to have a low learning curve, which allows quicker writing, in order to convey information more efficiently.

Visual Tools for Efficient Communication

Select from our variety of visual aids in Singapore, to encourage better learning in classrooms as well as businesses. Regardless of whether you prefer a traditional blackboard to address your needs, or interactive whiteboard or prefer a more modern magnetic board or specialised flipchart to get the message across – our selection of aids will leave you highly pleased. You can look forward to delivering great presentations and select from a variety of boards and flipcharts including stand-alone ones, tripod or easel stands, and even metallic mounts on wheels, which facilitate easier installation.